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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I took Ryan to the ENT today because he has started snoring and I could tell his tonsils were swollen. He also hasn't been sleeping well, he doesn't wake up during the night but I can tell he doesn't get a good night's rest. So he will be having his tonsils removed on Wednesday. The doctor took one look in his throat and said wow those are big. HIs tonsils are so swollen they are touching each other in the middle, the doctor was amazed that he is still eating well.

Matthew will be excited because he is going to have his first sleep over with a friend, he is going to spend the night with a friend from church the night before Ryan's surgery and stay with them on Wednesday so I can focus on Ryan. Aaron is not going to be able to go with us because school is about to start on the 24th so he has alot of stuff to prepare for that.

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