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Monday, August 17, 2009

In One Week

One week from today I will send 2 of my kiddos off to their first day of school.

Alex will be an 8th grader and I don't think she's ready to go back, this based on the conversation I had with her earlier today. I told her "just think this time next week you'll be just about done with your first day of school" her response was "yes and I'll be one day closer to summer vacation." Funny girl!

Matthew on the other hand is VERY excited about Kindergarten. He keep saying Moss Haven is so cool! We will attend an ice cream social on Thursday afternoon, this is where the incoming Kindergarteners get to meet their teacher. We are anxiously awaiting the postcard from his teacher, he is very interested to know who is teacher is. Then on Saturday we will attend the Supply Sale at the school where he will also get to pick put a Moss Haven t-shirt!

Ryan will start his Preschool 3's class on September 3. He will have the same teacher Matthew had when he was 3.

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