My Kids

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Helping Daddy

Here's Matthew helping Daddy build bookshelves for the office. Matthew has had a great time spending hours in the garage with Daddy. In between helping Daddy he rides his tricycle or looks for bugs (what a boy!!!).

First Big BooBoo

The bottom picture is of Ryan with his first major booboo, he so wants to be a big boy like his brother. He fell at Chick Fil A trying to climb the play structure like he saw all the big kids doing. The top picture is of Matthew at the Frontier of Flight Musuem where he attended a friends birthday party and had a blast. No pictures of Alex, she has turned out like me and does not like her picture taken. The only way I get a pictue is if I surprise her.

Welcome to our blog

We've decided to join the world of blogging and since we have so many out of town relatives this will be a good way for them to stay connected. Our kiddos do so many funny things that I always forget to share them so this will (hopefully) be a way for me to do that.

Dina, Aaron, Alex, Matthew and Ryan