My Kids

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ryan, My Cutie

One night during a diaper change Ryan asked to go potty, he of course would not sit on the little plastic potty he had to sit the the big boy potty. He actually went tinkle and we all got very excited, he loved the attention. He has not wanted to sit on the potty since but we keep asking in the hopes that he'll say yes but the only thing he says is "I already did that".

Ryan went to sleep with Pat the Hammer and Turner the Screwdriver (characters from Handy Manny) and the 2 times we checked in on him he was holding them in his hands.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Matthew's 1st Letter

One of Matthew's very best friends from school moved to San Antonio back in April and Matthew was devastated. I waited until the last possible minute to tell him and when I did he nearly cried, it broke my heart. Marshall and Matthew have exchanged a few letters over the last few months (Matthew telling me what to write and then he draws a picture). Well, I received an email from Marshall's mom last week that they are being transferred back to Dallas, when I told Matthew he literally jumped for joy he was so excited. He wrote this letter to Marshall last night, it's the first letter he wrote all by himself.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More from Grandma Debbie's

This is my nephew Ayden (he is 4 months younger than Ryan)

Alex and Matthew playing in the pool

Ryan and Grandma-Ryan loved to be with Grandma in the pool

Matthew taking it easy

Trip to Grandma Debbie's

The kids and I went to visit my mom and stepdad July 25-29. They had a blast swimming everyday (it's about the only thing you can do when it's 105 in the desert.) I'm glad they had a great time there because the day after we got back I got sick (turned out to be Strep) then Ryan and Alex proceeded to get it. We are all better now and were glad to get out of the house today.
On the airplane, watching VeggieTales

Getting reaquainted with cousin Ayden

Matthew swimming in the pool

Ryan on the step with Grandma