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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Don't Even Know How to Title This Post

We have had another interesting week at our house. Monday-Wednesday were fine. We went to church on Wednesday night for dinner and the boys had choir practice. We got home around 7:45 and Matthew started complaining of a sore throat then I noticed he was warm. Took his temp and of course he was running a fever. I called into work for Thursday, let's remember I only work 2 days a week and I have already used my 3 sick days for the school year and it's only October!

Thursday morning I drop Ryan off at preschool and Matthew and I are headed home when I get a phone call that Alex has passed out at school. I rush to the school and right after I arrive the paramedics arrive. They check her vitals and everything is normal so they decide she does not need to go to the hospital. I did take her home and get her to the doctor. I'm trying to keep this brief. the doctor did an exam and found nothing out of the ordinary. She related her passing out to something called Hair Grooming Syncope (one of her friends was braiding her hair). Her dad did some research and found that while yes you can pass out from someone grooming your day there is usually an underlying condition. We decided to take her to another doctor for another opinion. We saw the doctor yesterday morning, he did an exam then ordered some blood work. He also recommended that we take her to a Cardiologist for an Echo cardiogram. If that comes back normal he would like us to go to a Neurologist. We should have her blood work back by mid-week. I will keep the blog updated on what is going on with Alex.

Back to Matthew, poor kid had felt bad and I haven't been able to give him my full attention. I did take him to the doctor yesterday afternoon (so yes 2 doctor appointments in 1 day). He tested negative for the flu and for strep. I took him because I thought he might have strep since he was complaining so much about his throat. He seems a little better this morning, at least no fever.

Here's hoping we have a boring weekend.

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