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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Matthew had his first of two dentist appointments today, he will be getting a total of 8 fillings. They did 4 today and will do the other 4 on November 13. He did great! We had to get there an hour before his appointment time so they could give him his happy juice, he was quite relaxed by the time he was called back. Once in the room it was apparent I needed to leave, he was starting to get a little anxious but the nurse said once I left he was just fine. She had me pick at him in the middle of his procedure and he was just lying there. He was a little grouchy when he was all done and he really didn't like his mouth being numb. They gave him gas plus 2 novacaine shots. He was so hungry because he couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. We stopped at Sonic on our way to go pick up Ryan (he went to play at a friends house), Matthew got grilled cheese, apple slices and a chocolate milkshake. When we got home I have never seen him eat so fast, he ate every last crumb and drank the entire small milkshake! I don't have the heart to tell him he has to do this all again:(

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