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Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogs and some other stuff....

As I was sitting here catching up on the blogs I read it occurred to me that maybe some of you don't even look at the blogs I read. There is a list of blogs on the left hand side and some of those blogs are hilarious and I hope you get to check them out sometime. A few of my favorites are "It's almost naptime" and this new one I just found "Rocks in my Dryer".

Matthew is at a camp at the Arboretum today, it's from 9-12 all week. He will be learning about bugs, frogs, butterflies and will even get to play in the water on Friday. Ryan is not old enough for most camps but next summer watch out this mommy will have some free time on her hands!

We (all 5 of us plus one of Alex's friends) leave for the beach in 11 days and I am so excited! Hoping it's very relaxing. It's all the boys talk about so Im sure the drive there will be filled a lot of "are we there yet". That's it for now.

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