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Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday-Living Rooms

Ok, so it's the second week of Show Us Where you Live Friday with Kelly's Korner. Not sure if you got a chance to look at the different kitchens posted last week but I looked at some and it was so much FUN!

Here's my living room...enjoy. Excuse the kids that just had to get in the pictures.

This is my favorite item hanging in my house. A friend from church painted this for us 3 years ago, she came over took a picture of the kids then painted from that picture. She also took molds of their feet and then adhered them to the painting so the feet are 3D-it's very cool.

This is just a picture looking at the couch area from the TV area of the room.

This picture is from when you enter the room from the hallway

This is our TV area, the whole wall is a built in.

This is the bookshelf my husband built, I think this was one of his first projects in the house. There used to be a wet bar in this area, we definitely get more use out of shelves.

1 comment:

lagirl said...

Your fireplace brick is just like mine and also on the outside of my house. Gee, we have good taste! LOL