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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picture with Santa

The boys and I went to the mall today so they could pick out their ornament for this year. Every year I take the kids to Hallmark so they can pick out a new ornament for the tree, it's always fun to see what they'll choose. This year Ryan chose Buzz Lightyear, Matthew choose Little Einstein's Rocket and Alex got Tinkerbell.

As we were eating lunch the boys saw Santa and said they wanted to go talk to him so they could tell him what they wanted for Christmas, I was quite surprised by this since last year they wouldn't even go near him. So, after we finished eating we walked over and they both walked right up to Santa told them what they wanted and then sat on his lap for a picture. They are no wearing the clothes I would have chosen but I thought it best to let them go since they were willing. Here's the pic of them on Santa's lap.

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